6 Lies I Tell Myself About Why I Haven't Written a Novel ...Yet

When I was ten years old I decided I was going to be a writer.

I know it was age ten, because I was chosen from among my fifth grade elementary school classmates to participate in a so-called advanced learning group (read: a class for kids who work too fast on their normal work and would be a distraction to the other students if not given something extra to do every day.) This turned out to be a creative writing class.  

Inspiring teacher meet receptive kid in his formative years.

Connected Bytes

I think it would be fair to assume that aside from a few exceptions, long gone are the romantic days of authors penning their novels longhand on paper with a pen or sitting at a desk with a clicketty-clack typewritter slapping ink onto clean white sheets. Having written multiple millions of words both personally and professionally — though mostly personally — finding tools that fit the lifestyle of the writer become the most important factor. Myself, I do most of my writing these days on an iPad with a wireless keyboard which is portable and (usually) free of most distractions.

Roll of the Muse

Anyone who has ever given themselves the task of writing creatively (for fun or profit) knows that, similar to starting a fire, fiction begins with a single spark and grows from there. In this analogy then it is useful to have a box of matches to save oneself from needing to light that fire the old fashioned way. There are various tools for sparking the imagination —books of writing prompts, idea generators online, even just long walks in the park — and any of these are great.


I have this baed habit of writing an explanation post for something that I’m dabbling in, giving a long-winded overview of my plans to pursue some grand project, and then... nothing. It falls out of mind and out of sight and a few years later I stumble across my public avowal to conduct some grand creative effort and wince at the memory, and the reminder that I never even tried a second time, let alone acheived project nirvana.