Drawing on Dublin

There are a moment one Saturday afternoon last August while I was wandering, literally aimlessly, through the streets of Dublin when I was inspired to draw something.

The question readers may want answered before I explain the drawing is “why were you wandering aimlessly through the streets of Dublin?” To which the simplest answer is simply that I was there alone and early to do one thing I needed to do on Saturday, and with no reason to do anything but explore a place I’d never been I wandered. Aimlessly.


Urban Sketchy

Photographers don't necessarily get it easy, but in comparison to pointing an iPhone at a scene and thirty seconds later uploading a pic to Instagram, urban sketching is a demanding and patient art form. Pencil plus paper plus patience, the practice of setting up in a quiet corner and drawing a fast-but-detailed line drawing of what one sees is hardly new, but the attempt to formalize a set of rules and build an online community around the approach might be a more recent contribution.

Rainy Days

Late May, locked in our houses, and it has been raining with a heavy, steady persistence for two days.

The saskatoon bush outside my front door was trying to bloom and the soft, fresh growth was drooping with the weight of the raindrops that had accumulated on its leaves and blossoms.