Raspberry Partial

I’ve often told people who are envious of my raspberry patch (which is modest at best, but produces faithfully each season) that a raspberry bush was literally the first thing I planted in my yard. We moved into our newly-built home about 15 years ago and spent two years setting the landscaping foundations that would eventually be our (mostly) finished backyard. I didnt have many rules, but one of the few that I set down as I started planning, planting and pruning was that whenever possible I wanted fruit-bearing plants to occupy the garden and beds.

Quackgrass Facts

Gardening in Alberta means fighting the quackgrass invasion that never ends. The invasive, aggressive grass is hardy and thick, and grows by spreading its rhizome roots underground at rates of up to two and a half centimetres per day. Pulling off the tops does little to thwart the progress, mowing is laughably pointless, and unless garden edging reaches to the core of the earth, bordering gardens does little more than frustrate. When I was digging fence posts, a meter in the ground, I found quackgrass as deep as I dug down. The most effective attack is probably a chemical one...