Cessna 172 Skyhawk

Post-Vacation Memory Cruise

I timed my second leg of the flight to follow up on a vacation to the literal place I was about to fly over.

Does that make sense?

I spent four nights in Jasper (in real life) near where I'd parked my (virtual) plane last week, and upon returning from my (real) trip to the mountains just this afternoon I continued my (virtual) flight down through the same valley where I'd spent some (very real) time this past weekend.

This Is Not the Crash You’re Looking For

Two hours of long, slow flight across the sunset praire landscape, and twenty NM south of my destination, attempting to adjust the flight computer in my cockpit, and I crashed. No, the plane was fine. The flight simulator froze for a few seconds, then just shut down completely as if it hadn’t even been running.

A complete failure was not a contingency I’d planned for, but if it had to happen, a practice route was ....a good time?

Family Flyover & a Lake Buzz

If anyone reading these logs is wondering how I'm going to fill hundreds upon hundreds of log entries for what could inevitably be a multi-year virtual adventure, three thoughts:

First, I'm making shorter haul flights now than I normally would. I think I'll be taking longer hauls to cover more distance. Multi-hour flights as opposed to forty-five minutes hopping around.

Second, I'll likely be flying only a few times per week, as opposed to playing in every spare moment I have now, having just downloaded the game.

Badlands Scenic Tour

I landed in the Alberta bandlands at dusk last night but before I continued onward I thought it worthwhile to take a virtual flying tour of this local tourist attraction in the daylight. As morning dawned, I plotted a looping flight-path south of the small municipal airport that serves the nearby town, and took off on a low altitude cruise.

Test Flight

After weeks of waiting I took possession of my virtual Cessna 172 Skyhawk, the plane in which I've chosen to start my world wide adventure. It was dawn in Edmonton when, shortly before 7am, I took off for a trial run in the new plane (and freshly downloaded MFS2020!) It's no use starting a globe-circling trip in an untested plane.

On approach to Edmonton International Airport with a summer prairie horizon to greet me.