Getting ready, these are the big ideas. Thoughts. Inspiration. Stuff yet to be kicked off and upward.

The Unnamed Cartoonist

Having published a modestly successful online weekly web comic for nearly two years I learned a thing or two about cartooning. Now, a year after quietly shuttering the project I find myself in possession of a small but active social media presence and the desire to draw something, but neither focus nor (relevant) brand. Over the next few months I’ll be drawing (and writing) in an effort to kick off a new weekly strip, rebranded, refreshed, and renamed. This is that project.

NaNoWriMo 2020

Every November armchair novelists from around the world sharpen their pencils (or charge up their keyboards) and sit down to take on the now-famous speed-writing challenge that is penning the first draft of a novel in thirty days. I've attempted this four times and completed the challenge twice. And while there is little to do prior to the First of November but plan (and hope that the month allows enough free time to participate) this year I'm setting my sights on a win, and starting my planning early.


Attempting to write anything in the genre of speculative fiction means that one is inventing an alternative reality wherein the events of that fiction take place. This may be details of the future. It may take place in a parallel reality. The scope may be subtle or wildly variant of the familiar reality where we now exist. Sometimes this universe creation comes naturally as a result of writing words, or often the words follow a carefully constructed set of parameters. I’ve been attempting the latter.