Pixelazy Projects

The Pixelazy Projects is a site of my own photos, my own art, my own written text and more. There are no memes. This is not a portal to someone else’s brain. It is an outlet for my own creative soul. I plan to post words and pictures about things that interest me and all the projects I'm exploring in multiple formats: long, short, deep, and shallow.

Who are you and where do you live?

I'm just a 40-something dad living in Edmonton, Canada. I run. I write. I take photos. I build digital toys. I spend a lot of time outside or in front of a stove.

Is this a blog?

No, but here's why. To me, the term blog implies a free-form online journal. I proudly wrote a blog for many years, and it was filled with a lot of great writing -- and also a lot of trivial, brain-fart, space-filling garbage of interest to few but myself. I avoid calling this a blog not because I dislike the term, but because I think it represents a casual approach that I want to avoid on this site. This isn't award winning journalism from any perspective, but if I call it instead something like "a living document of the things I'm proud of writing about" then I won't be tempted to write the trivial, brain-fart, space-filling garbage I'm not.

What does the name pixelazy mean?

I consider myself a largely digital creator. I make pixels appear on screens, hopefully in appealing ways. Yet I'd be the first to admit that my personal creative approach is often one that looks for the shortest distance between two points. Quick. Messy. Lazy. I don't think this means the final product is of lesser value, but rather that I try a lot of things, working broadly and dabbling in a thousand ideas. Failing fast and moving on. The devil may be in the details, but as a hobbiest creator, a warrior poet, a shutter slinger or an attack artist, lazy is often the only way bring pixels to life.

Are you qualified to write about any of these things?

I'm going to try very hard not to oversell my qualifications. I'm a hobbiest at much of what I write about. These are projects that are of interest to me, things I pursue to fill my free time and concepts I dig into because I'm a perpetually curious person. If I make a claim that you feel you need to challenge, then know that I'm open to respectful critique. If you opt for something less respectful, I'll opt to be less receptive. That said, go online and challenge everything you read with a critical mind. Everything. Not just what doesn't fit your personal narrative. Do that and you'll find that no one is really qualified for anything, but most people are trying with good intentions.

What I Post

Project Writeups

Articles and long project pages are usually themed around big ideas or long term projects that I’m working on. This is the core of the site.


I had this idea that I could start writing short one paragraph posts that tie into or add context to my projects and other articles. They are meant to be simple elevator reads, content that takes less than a minute to read thru.

Friday Fiction

Not necessarily on Friday, starting in mid-2020 I’ve been trying to post a weekly update to a fictionalized serial story I’ve been working on. Usually no more than 400-600 words, these are bits of writing that are part of a larger story. You may need to dig around to find some.

Pixelazy Productions

This website is part of a small personal brand network of creative intellectual property. Officially founded in February 2019, Pixelazy Productions is the umbrella for numerous collections of art, photography and writing, including but not limited to:


A different standalone website, www.feets.ca is me writing about topics related to casual fitness running in the suburbs of a small Canadian city, this site is a collection of race reports, equipment insights and training reflections from a recreational runner.