In the real world, I live in Edmonton, Canada (CYEG) and as I set out into the yonder in light aircraft I’m tracking, posting, writing, and otherwise documenting my virtual around-the-world trip in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. This is another log entry from the Pilot Project

Over the Mountains & Thru the Woods

1 year ago
Golden Hour
CYGE (Golden) via Salmon Arm
CYLW (Kelowna, BC)
Flight Time
1 hour 38 minutes

I dreamed about flying. Literally. A couple restless hours of tossing and turning in bed in the middle of the night had me awake last night with dreams of flights, flights gone wrong, and other flying related anxieties.

Naturally, I took off again shortly after breakfast.

Leaving Westbound out of Golden BC over the Rocky Mountains.

My trip continued with leg L102, the plan being to cut across the interior of British Columbia and make my way towards the collection of small cities that are in the central part of the province as layovers for my approach to the west coast.

I took off from Golden, BC in the dawn sunlight and immediately set out to gain some serious altitude to climb up over the mountain ridge between me and my first waypoint. According to the craft stats, the plane is rated for up to 14,000 feet of altitude, a number I’m comfortable pushing but not comfortable exceeding, at least not on my official flights. My goal is to arrive safely at my destination each leg, not to stunt and crash and reset and generally bungle the adventure.

Up and over the mountains I went, and then decended into what I’m pretty sure was the town of Revelstoke where I rejoined in earnest following the familiar highway through the mountains.

I did a lower pass over the city of Salmon Arm, flying over the nearby lakes before making a hard left southbound into the Okanagan Valley and towards Kelowna. As I left the big mountains, the clouds broke up and decending towards my final destination I was greeted with almost perfectly clear skies and a small contingent of other air traffic touring what I assume is a popular region to check out from the skies.

Descending into the Okanagan Valley on approach to Kelowna, BC

I decended through the valley, flew over Vernon, and then made a proper (and approved) approach and landing (not too shabbily if I do say so myself!) at the Kelowna Airport.

Flight Number