In the real world, I live in Edmonton, Canada (CYEG) and as I set out into the yonder in light aircraft I’m tracking, posting, writing, and otherwise documenting my virtual around-the-world trip in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. This is another log entry from the Pilot Project

Glaciers & Fog... Again

1 year ago
Fog Alaska
PASI (Sitka, AK)
PAYA (Yakutat, AK)
Flight Time
2 hours 27 minutes

I Google'd "Yakutat Alaska" before I locked it into my flight plan and discovered that it is yet another small Northern town. What was interesting, however, was that about half way between Sitka, Alaska where I was, and Yakutat, Alaska where I was considering going, was a US National Park called Glacier Bay.

Google "Glacier Bay" and you'll be met with a collection of epic photos of chunks of glaciers cracking off into the ocean while cruise ships watch from a distance.

Oh... now you've heard of it.

Glacier Bay with a low cloud mystery to be explored.

Unfortunately the weather was a bit uncooperative.

There was some rain and low cloud. Lots of fog. I hugged the ground, flying at a low altitude and swooping off course to track around the island mountains, dodging into the Bay to glide along the varied coast looking for some sign of simulated glacial activity. There were hints, but no cruise ships and no tumbling chunks of ice.

I admit, I cheated a bit and adjusted the weather to get some better views of the scenery. Flying through thick fog is challenging and all, but it seems like a waste of the advanced ground-breaking simulation software I had at my disposal as I pretended to fly over a natural wonder.

Following an uneventful remainder of the flight I practised an unassisted landing for the first time on the trip, having turned off the guidance markers. On the plus side, I didn't crash. On the "oops!" side, if you watch the video right to the end you'll see what was almost my first blooper of a landing.

Either way, I'm now firmly in Alaska, and very much on my way to see the world.

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