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One of my project passions is writing short fiction. This website will feature an ongoing serialized story based around a set of characters, posted as I write and ready it.

Meet Gaige who after recovering from a minor accident decides he wants to become an internet star by leaning into the untethered joy as a content creator for the adventure lifestyle. His girlfriend, Scarlett, has her doubts ...but supports him as they fumble through the various misadventures on the road to manufactured fame, or wherever a camera and a blog might take them.

Collected and Sorted

Story Thread: Wander Guy’d
Title Order(ish) Authored on
Cracking Wood 1 1 year ago
Mizz Day 5 1 year ago
Embarassing or Stupid 30 1 year ago
Scales of Justice 40 1 year ago
Fears of the Heart 42 1 year ago
Not the Worst Idea 50 1 year ago
Story Thread: Canoe Trap
Title Order(ish) Authored on
Canoe Dreams 4 1 year ago
Self to Launch 8 1 year ago
Lost and Finds 35 1 year ago
Locked Spaces 40 1 year ago